Classroom Teacher vs. School Teacher

George talked about the idea of the school teacher vs. classroom teacher during the Live session this week. After the session, I took time to reflect on how was I working towards being a school teacher. I find self-reflection difficult because I’m often too hard on myself, so in the beginning, I could hardly think of any great examples. I know if I asked my colleagues they would have given me a long list of items that would exemplify how I’m a school teacher. After a few days of reflection, here’s my list of how I’m being a school teacher:

  • sharing ideas with my colleagues, on my blog, and through Twitter
  • seeking out other colleagues to get ideas and tips on how to help the learners who are struggling in my classroom
  • sharing students with my grade group partners during our Guided Reading time so the students who need interventions can get it
  • initiating  a Grade 2 PLC across the district
  • sharing positives and celebrating successes with teachers about previous and current students
  • greeting the students at the school, not just the ones in my classroom

In the School vs. Learning comparison, George states that learning is social and should promote that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner, so why do some teachers carry out their teaching career as a school teacher? Why do some teachers view helping each learner become their best as a competition?


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