Building Relationships and Trust

My Superintendent believes that every child deserves to be greeted by name every day. I also think that building relationships and trust with my students is essential from day 1. Each morning I start the day greeting my students at the door (and those who pass by my classroom) and finish by saying good night to them in the hall. This year, I started Morning Meeting with my class. My students greet each other in various ways each morning. They all know how to do a proper handshake and make eye contact. After our greeting, each student has time to share their thinking and be heard in the classroom. Finally, we have some fun building relationships with a short activity or game. Earlier in the year when my class was asked to share what made them happy at school, about half my class responded, “Being greeted by my classmates.”.

Other relationship building activities:

  • Me Boxes at the beginning of the year, inspired by Christine Quong (@c_quong)
    • Each student has a special day to bring in their Me Box and share about themselves
  • Class Brain, also inspired by Christine Quong (@c_quong)
    • Students complete a multiple intelligence survey to find out their strengths and areas in which they need to grow. Students help their classmates grow by strengthening each other’s areas of need.

Relationships built from trust in my classroom have lead to my students having a new found confidence and being empowered to try new things and make mistakes because they know their classmates will be there to support them.


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