Embracing Change #IMMOOC Week 1

The second round of #IMMOOC started this week and to say the least, I left the YouTube Live session feeling invigorated, motivated, and inspired. There were so many great thoughts and ideas that I couldn’t wait to share with my colleagues.

The idea of embracing change has been at the forefront of my mind for awhile now. In the past, I have felt like I have been judged for doing something different from other teachers and colleagues. The statement made during the live session that you aren’t the problem if someone feels uncomfortable about the good stuff you are doing, made me realize I could let go of all my past feelings of guilt for not always using whole class teaching with booklets and themes. I finally was able to accept it’s about showing others the way of change and doing what’s best for your students – thanks George!

Along with teaching my own Grade 2 class I also have a small amount of time to visit classrooms as a “technology coach” and collaborate with the classroom teacher to integrate technology, voice, and choice into their lessons. Some teachers have been more reluctant to embrace change than others. Over the past couple of weeks, one teacher in particular that I have been working with has started to shift her thinking and has become inspired to try “new stuff”. I’ve really enjoyed having conversations with her, guiding her, and supporting her in her journey.

In my own classroom my students are constantly bringing up questions, wonders, and ideas and we sometimes get “sidetracked” with great thinking. After reading a book titled ‘All About Robots’, my students had their newest idea – a Robot Contest.  When this idea was first brought forward, my initial thought was, I have no idea how to do this! I relayed this idea to my friend and she suggested to ask my students what they want the Robot Contest to look like. After she recommended this, I thought “Why didn’t I think that?”.  Our Robot Contest planning will start next week and, needless to say, I can’t wait to ask them what a Robot Contest entails and work through designing and implementing it with them.

On a final note, after school yesterday, I was excitedly sharing with a colleague about Monday night’s session and just before our discussion wrapped up, I told her that I was proud of her for changing her Twitter profile picture to her real picture and pointed out how she wouldn’t have done it in the past. She replied by saying that because of me, I had pushed her to try new things and made her excited to innovate with her class. This small comment made me realize that if you only reach one person, the uphill journey of embracing change was totally worth it.



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