A Blogging Re-Start

teach-1968076_1920While completing my Masters I started blogging at as my courses convinced me to share all my ideas and innovations with the world. Since finishing my Masters in April 2015, I haven’t wanted to be anywhere near my laptop. Needless to say after spending three days this past week at Professional Development, I have been re-inspired to share my thoughts, opinions, challenges, and ideas as a teacher in this wonderful time of change in classrooms.

I had the amazing opportunity to spend the a day with the great Pernille Ripp, founder of The Global Read Aloud, who made me realize that I need to remember to be brave, to break the rules and push the boundaries of education for what you believe in. She reiterated the importance of choice and allowing each student to have time to talk and have their story heard. Be passionate about what you do to inspire your students – Wow!

I also had time to hear George Couros speak and like Pernille, he made me realize the importance of sharing what you believe in and to keep moving forwards, even if there are bumps in the road. I loved his quote: “Make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear.” This is going to become my mantra to get me through my journey of encouraging others to embrace technology and stay relevant.

So, this re-start blog post is my step back into sharing my thoughts and ideas. Like Pernille said, you can’t change your students but you can change the way you teach…


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